DWI Attorney Serving St. Charles Parish

Have you been arrested for a DWI in St. Charles Parish? For most people this is the first time that they have ever been arrested or experienced this side of the police. We suggest you contact a DWI attorney right after you have been arrested.

Learn how DWI’s work in Louisiana

In every DWI case there are two hearings. The first is your administrative hearing that must be requested within 30 days after the arrest. If you don’t request this hearing in that time frame you will lose your drivers license. In the administrative hearing the goal is to get your drivers license back. Even though the hearing is requested within 30 days it can take months before it happens. The administrative hearing is to determine if there was probable cause for the arrest.

The next hearing is your criminal hearing in which there are criminal penalties if found guilty. Your first and second DWI’s are considered misdemeanors then after your second they are all considered felonies with very severe penalties. Louisiana takes DWI’s very seriously and are no laughing matter that is why its so important to have an attorney on your side.  Call me today at (504) 401-9307 for a free case review or consultation.

Luling, Louisiana

As the largest city in St. Charles Parish you will have a much higher police presence. We suggest you contact us a Luling dwi attorney as soon as you are arrested.

Destrehan, Louisiana

If you are stopped for a DWI you need to contact a Destrehan DWI attorney as soon as possible. We will help you fight to win your case. We have experience in fighting DWI cases and will be able to help you resolve your case.

St. Rose, Louisiana

With over 6500 residents in St. Rose Louisiana there is a fairly high police presence. Contact a St. Rose DWI attorney right after your arrest. We will help you defend your case and try to get your license back.

Hahnville, Louisiana

Hahnville is the parish seat of St Charles parish. If you need a Hahnville DWI attorney call us right away. We will give you a free case review and help you deal with your case. Don’t try to fight a DWI alone.

Boutte, Louisiana

Boutte is located directly on highway 90 and many people are stopped in this area by police. Many people are caught here because the speed limit changes on HWY 90. If you were arrested for a DWI you need a Boutte DWI attorney.Let us handle this headache for you and help you get a great result.

Norco, Louisiana

There is a higher police presence near the refinery and there is a possibility of being stopped. If you are looking for a Norco DWI attorney we can help you deal with this from start to finish. We also suggest you contact us as soon as you can after your arrest.

Montz, Louisiana

Montz is a smaller town with a much higher probability of getting stopped by the police. If arrested for a DWI you will need a Montz DWI attorney. Many times people try to fight a DWI charge alone and this is a huge mistake.

Bayou Gauche, Louisiana

Were you arrested in Bayou Gauche? If so you need to contact a Bayou Gauche DWI attorney. We suggest always hiring an attorney and we would love to take care of your DWI for you. We have experience in getting DWI’s reduced or dismissed in many cases.

Des Allemands, Louisiana

Des Allemands is also located directly on Hwy 90 and increases your chance of being stopped for DWI. We would like to be your Des Allemands DWI attorney. Let us fight your case and help you get a great result.

Paradis, Louisiana

Another city that is located on highway 90 and has a much higher presence of state police who are looking for intoxicated drivers. We want to be your Paradis DWI attorney and help you win your case. We have experience in dealing with DWI cases and will fight to help you get a great resolution.

New Sarpy, Louisiana

When you have towns with smaller populations its much easier for police to find intoxicated drivers. If arrested for DWI in New Sarpy you need to contact us and let us be your New Sarpy DWI attorney. We will fight and make them prove their case and help you get a fair resolution.

Ama, Louisiana

Ama is a small town in St Charles parish with a very high arrest record for DWIs over the years. Let us fight for you and be your Ama DWI attorney. Remember the smaller the town the more focused the police can be when it comes to DWI detection.