DWI Attorney Serving St. Bernard Parish

Have you been arrested for a DWI in St. Bernard parish Louisiana? If so you should contact us right away for a free case review. You can call me at (504) 401-9307. In Louisiana you have two separate processes that need to happen. The first is your administrative hearing which needs to be requested within 30 days of arrest. The purpose of this hearing is to try to get your drivers license back. Many people never know about it and they miss it and their license is suspended.

The next hearing is your criminal hearing in which you face possible criminal sanctions. There is a wide variety of possible criminal sanctions I suggest you take a look at the Louisiana DWI laws and penalties page to determine where you fall based on the number of DWI’s you have. For each subsequent DWI you get the  the penalties get much more severe.

Chalmette, Louisiana

Every year there are many people that get arrested for DWI in Chalmette. If arrested you should contact a Chalmette DWI attorney as soon as you can because of possible time limits for your case.

Arabi, Louisiana

With a population of near 10,000 residents there will be a higher police presence. If you have been arrested for a DWI you need to contact a Arabi DWI attorney as soon as you can.

Meraux, Louisiana

If you have been arrested for a DWI then you should contact a Meraux DWI attorney right away. They will make sure to request your administrative hearing and help you through the process.

Poydras, Louisiana

Poydras is a very small town in Louisiana with only about 3,000 residents. In these towns the possibility of getting a DWI increases because of the smaller population. If arrested contact a Poydras DWI attorney right away.

Violet, Louisiana

Another smaller town in Louisiana but remember in small towns its easier for the police to patrol for drunk driving. If you have been arrested for DWI call a Poydras DWI attorney as soon as you can.

Hopedale, Louisiana

Hopedale is a fantastic fishing and hunting destination but many times fisherman get caught driving back after a day of drinking and get stopped for DWI. If so call a Hopedale DWI attorney right away.