DWI Fourth Offense In Louisiana

DWI 4th Offense Louisiana – Felony  (4th or subsequent)

Your DWI Fourth Offense Louisiana is a felony and according to Louisiana revised statutes RS 14:98.4 these are the possible penalties upon conviction. You can expect to pay a $5000 fine, and expect to get a prison term from ten to thirty years. Two years must be served without the benefit of suspension. You can expect to get up to five years of probation. You can also expect to serve three hundred and twenty hours of community service. You will have to have a substance abuse evaluation, and treatment. You will have four weeks of impatient care, and up to twelve months of out patient treatment. You can also expect home incarceration up to one year. If you have been sentenced with home incarceration you may be ordered to wear a tracking device. The prosecutor also has the discretion to seize and sell your vehicle.

  • Fines: $5000
  • Jail Time: 10-30 years (2 years are mandatory)
  • Probation: 5 years
  • Community Service: 320 hours
  • Substance abuse evaluation
  • Substance abuse treatment (4 weeks inpatient – up to 12 months out-patient)
  • Home Incarceration: Minimum of 1 year (may be required to wear a tracking device)
  • Vehicle Seizure – At the discretion of the prosecutor
  • Ignition Interlock device

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