DWI First Offense In Louisiana

DWI 1st Offense Louisiana – Misdemeanor

Your DWI First Offense Louisiana is a misdemeanor and according to Louisiana revised statutes RS 14:98.1 these are the possible penalties upon conviction. The fine for first offense DWI is between $300-$1000 and possible jail time between 10 days to 6 months. You can expect probation which varies from court to court. Usually six months but can be up to two years in certain circumstances.  You can also expect forty eight hours of community service, and half of it while participating in a litter abatement or collection program (picking up trash).  You will also be required to participate in a court approved substance abuse program and a court approved driver improvement program.

  • Fines: $300-$1000
  • Jail Time: 10 days – 6 months (Can possibly be suspended in lieu of probation)
  • Probation (6 months or more)
  • Community Service: 48 hours and half you will be required to pick up trash.
  • Court approved substance abuse program & Court approved driver improvement program

Possible additional penalties:

  • If the BAC registered over .15 then there is an additional 48 hours of mandatory jail time that cannot be suspended for any reason.
  • If the BAC registered is over .20 then an additional 48 hours of mandatory jail time, additional fine of $750-$1000 and you will be required to have an interlock ignition system installed in your car for 12 months.