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DWI / DUI Lawyer In Marrero, Louisiana

  • DWI’s are much more than a traffic violations and are very serious.
  • How getting a DWI attorney will help you in the long run.
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Most people dont realize that DWI’s are very serious violations of the law. They can have a huge impact on your life for many years. For the average person this will usually be the first time they are arrested and sent to jail. It is more than stressful to say the least. That is why its very important to hire a DWI Lawyer Marrero to fight for your rights.

You are almost always better off hiring an experienced DWI attorney than to walk in their alone for the simple fact that most people are very unfamiliar with the procedure and will be at the mercy of the prosecution. My name is attorney John Halfacre and I can help you with your DWI and I can relieve this burden for you and help you get back on track.  Give me a call today at (504) 401-9307 for a free consultation and we can go over your case.

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