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DWI / DUI Lawyer In Kenner, Louisiana

  • Understand why getting a DWI can have such a dramatic impact on your life.
  • If you dont act quickly you will lose your drivers license.
  • Call me today for a 100% free consultation at (504) 401-9307.¬†

DWI’s in Louisiana are serious offenses. Most of the time it will affect you seriously by losing your drivers license, fines, community service, employment, and possibly jail time. That is why you need a DWI attorney Kenner that will fight the DWI charge or work out the best possible solution with the prosecutor.

After you have been arrested  for DWI in Kenner La you must act quickly, you only have fifteen days to request your administrative hearing to fight to get your drivers license back. If not you will lose your license and have to get a hardship license at the DMV. Every DWI is different that is why I offer a 100% free consultation you can call me at (504) 401-9307.

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