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If arrested you should always have a DWI attorney Harvey to defend your rights if you have been charged. If not you will be at the mercy of the prosecution. A good DWI attorney will poke holes in their case and attempt to get the charge dismissed or reduced. In my opinion you are at a severe disadvantage if you don’t have an attorney to represent you.

Once you have been arrested for a DWI you can expect to go to jail. For many people this is a shocker and realize they cant talk their way out of a jail cell for the night. You will likely be able to bail out the next day. Next I suggest you hire an attorney to represent you. This attorney can help you with the bail hearing and, with your administrative hearing to attempt to get your license back. The sooner you hire an attorney the better. In these types of cases time is of the essence. There are many DWI’s in Harvey Louisiana every day so make sure you are not just another statistic.

If you have been arrested for DWI please give me a call at (504) 401-9307 for a free consultation. Not only will we go over the facts of your case we have very competitive rates and will work with you to make this an affordable solution.