Overall cost of hiring a DWI attorney

DWI attorney cost in New Orleans

Cost of hiring a DWI attorney

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  • We will explain that there are many factors that can increase the cost of hiring a DWI attorney.
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The cost of hiring a DWI attorney varies depending on a wide variety of factors. These factors are vast which include the experience of the attorney, time, circumstances of each case and so on. The cost will greatly increase if you want to take the case to trial instead of taking a plea deal. There is also other costs that will be incurred such as court cost, cost of any court required programs and so on. These additional costs will increase the told cost of your DWI.

Another factor that can increase the cost of a DWI attorney is whether this is your first DWI or a subsequent one. The more DWI’s you have the less likely the court will be in showing you leniency and the harder the attorney will have to fight.

Cost of DWI attorneys in the New Orleans area

Most attorneys charge anywhere from $1000-$4000 for a DWI that will not be taken to trial. This  fee will be to make sure we can get you the best possible plea deal and to help you with any DMV hearings.  If the case it taken to trial most attorneys will add an additional $2000 or more if the client wants a trial. The reason for this additional cost is because going to trial takes much more time of the attorney not to mention additional research and preparation.

Our fees are very affordable and we work with our clients with payment plans to help make this more manageable if needed. For more information about how much we charge for a DWI please give me a call at 504-401-9307 or you can click here to contact us to send me an email.